AgVue Technologies was the first company in Pennsylvania to receive FAA licensing for commercial drone operations.

Combining drone technology with precision agriculture techniques, AgVue is helping farm professionals worldwide to evaluate the current state of their crops for proactive decision making.  AgVue works with each customer to develop a custom plan to adress their specific issues or requirements.

Unlike other vendors, AgVue eliminates the burden of obtaining FAA licensing, cost to buy and insure drones, time required to learn to fly and maintain aircraft, learn complex software and frees farmers concentrate on their area of expertise – farming.

AgVue’s fully insured FAA licensed pilots use custom, commercial grade, mission-specific drones to image field crops, orchards and vineyards and collect calibrated plant health data in the visible and non-visible spectrums.

This data is used to identify areas of stress that might occur any time throughout the entire growth cycle. Stress may be caused by any number of factors including inadequate fertilization, insect infestation, moisture levels, etc.  Early identification of crop health issues allows for precision application of prescriptions, greatly improving quality and yield. Targeted prescription application also reduces chemical costs and minimizes negative environmental impact.

AgVue’s proprietary software algorithms provide the farm professional with a wide variety of crop data to thoroughly analyze their current crop health and compare month-to-month and year-to-year crop information. This valuable data not only helps farmers maximize profits, but provides a detailed record for crop insurance should damage occur.

Data analytics offered by AgVue include dozens of vegetative indices, including NDVI, Green NDVI, and SAVI, plant height, canopy cover, biomass to predict harvest yield, plant counting and others. Using AgVue’s surface contour and volume measurements, growers can evaluate runoff and water pooling issues.

  • Drone Hardware

    AgVue builds custom, mission-specific drones to best accomplish their task of imaging a variety of crops. 

    Developed over several years, AgVue’s engineers have integrated best-in-class airframe platforms, sensors, wireless controls and telemetry downlinks that are not available from any other vendor.

    A sophisticated ground control station (GCS), is used to plan flights, set up flight parameters and closely monitor the aircraft while flying the mission. Flight plans are stored so each time an AgVue professional visits your field, they can fly the exact same pattern.

Crop Analytics

Drone-based data collection and analytics identify agriculture challenges to improve crop yield and profits. Our FAA licensed pilots will image your crops and our team of agronomists will process these images to rapidly provide the most accurate actionable data.


Vegetative Indices

AgVue Technologies' advanced analytics have more than four dozen vegetative index calculations to accurately identify crop health issues, weeds or even different varieties

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Canopy Cover and Biomass

Using specialized vegetative indices and custom agriculture tools, AgVue can calculate canopy cover, density and biomass

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Crop Counting

​​Counting of crops is used for inventory management, assurance of proper planting, estimating harvest yield and looking at the health of specific plants

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Digital Surface Mapping

Surface contour mapping has many applications in predicting runoff, optimizing irrigation and field tiling

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