Applied AgTech Solutions

AgVue Technologies is an AgTech company providing a range of advanced analytics and crop data to farmer’s. Detailed plant health maps, digital surface maps and 3D images supplied in easy to read reports, make AgVue’s customers better equipped to make crop management decisions.

AgVue Technologies uses advanced drones specifically designed for agriculture applications to collect high-resolution imagery and generate highly accurate crop analytics at a reasonable cost on a per-acre basis.

In-depth crop analysis
at massive scale

AgVue’s advanced agriculture technology uncovers efficiencies not previously possible using traditional crop scouting methods.

Reliable, comprehensive crop coverage via custom drones.

AgVue Technologies is unique to the agriculture industry as an integrator of the most advanced unmanned aircraft, remote sensing and post-processing technologies for drones as a service (DAAS).

Crop analysis via advanced agriculture analytics software

AgVue delivers easy to read reports with customer-selected indices and mapping options. Customer reports, images and maps are available through a dedicated customer portal on desktop or mobile devices.

AgVue clients typically increase yields by 3%-5%.

The data in AgVue’s reports can be used for week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year decision making on crop prescriptions, field management and harvest yield prediction.

AgVue’s licensed and insured pilots collect hundreds of images of field crops, orchards and vineyards.

AgTech Big Data in action.

The images are post-processed to generate easy to read reports showing a range of actionable data.

Giving farmers a reliable way to gather the most accurate data possible about their crop health, maximizing yield and quality while reducing costs.

  • Easy to read reports and maps

    A detailed understanding of your current crop at your disposal

  • Customer selected mapping indices

    Choose the data that’s most relevant to what you’re growing

  • Pay on a per-acre basis

    Only pay for the acreage you have analyzed

  • Available on desktop and mobile

    Easy access to your data via Cropvue on mobile and desktop

  • Add photos and notes to any area

    Markup your aerial photos with evaluations from the ground

  • Specific crop recommendations

    Detailed recommendations specific to your grow

24/7 access to your crops via CropVue.

AgVue’s proprietary CropVue app delivers information on specific areas of concern and provide guidance to those locations on both desktop and mobile devices.

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