Our Mission

AgVue’s mission is to use drones to collect high-resolution imagery to generate highly accurate crop analytics at a reasonable cost on a per- acre basis. The data in AgVue’s reports can be used for week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year decision making on crop prescriptions, field management and harvest yield prediction.

Who We Are

AgVue Technologies is a woman owned AgTech company providing a range of advanced analytics and crop data to farmer’s. Detailed plant health maps, digital surface maps and 3D images supplied in easy to read reports, make AgVue’s customers better equipped to make realtime crop management decisions.

Meet our awesome team.

AgVue Technologies was formed by a small group of seasoned industry professionals.

Cheryl Sigg Co-founder / President

Cheryl graduated from Penn State College of Agriculture with a degree in food science and agronomy. She is an experienced sales professional with extensive international travel visiting growers and packers worldwide. Cheryl’s played an integral part in helping her broad range of customers develop their products from seed to shelf. Cheryl also enjoys travel, good wine and gardening.

Paul CaskeyCo-founder / VP of Technology

Paul has an electrical engineering degree from Penn State with a concentration in microwave communications. He holds a private pilot’s license and has been building and flying model aircraft since childhood. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and has been involved with several successful startups in his 25 year’s experience. Paul also loves to cook and ride anything with one or more wheels.

Bruce YoxsimerDirector of Business Development

Bruce founded Gethere, and saw it through a successful IPO in 1999 and acquisition in 2000 by Sabre in an all cash transaction for $760MM. He owned the distribution strategy for GetThere building partnerships with United Airlines, America West, CNN and others.

Davis NewcomerDirector Fight Ops

Davis is an accomplished drone pilot with over 1,000 hours accumulated on a number of different aircraft. Davis manages all flight operations from testing and tuning new aircraft to training pilots around the country.
In his free time Davis is a balloon pilot
and avid power paraglider.

Daisy MaeCompany Mascot

Daisy is a one-year-old Lab that provides the AgVue team with unlimited energy and drive. She’s an all-around good sport whose interests include tennis balls, chasing deer and making money!