Forest Health

  • By AgVue Technologies
  • November 10, 2016

The owner of a 20-acre property contacted AgVue to evaluate the health of their trees due to concerns with dying trees and the danger of large falling tree limbs.

The below RGB image show a forested area containing many Ash trees. Emerald Ash Bore infestation is a major concern in area of the country. The NDVI image from the shows areas of low plant health that may be a result beetle infestation. Areas of infestation show up more clearly when using the NIR/G vegetative index, shown in the second image. The third image uses a digital surface map (DSM) to indicate the height of the trees, which gives further information of a possible infestation might be present. Overlaying the NIR/G image with the plant height image gives more conclusive data about whether the trees are actually suffering from the Ash Bore beetle or are simply younger trees, or trees whose growth has been slowed by shading, moisture or other benign natural occurrences.

This study represents a typical scenario where several different analytics and tools are used to best identify areas of concern. A basic NDVI image doesn't always clearly highlight plant health issues and in many cases two, three or more indices are used to accurately depict plant vigor.

Treatment for Emerald Ash Bore be very expensive. Early identification and removal of infected trees is a much more cost effective solution.