Potato crop disease

  • By AgVue Technologies
  • November 10, 2016

AgVue was contacted by a potato grower to image their field to help determine extent of crop damage from Dickeya disease and how the disease might be spreading and what remedies might be applied. 

Dickeya is a disease that started in the far northeast, and is spreading to the Mid-Atlantic states. The transfer and spread of Dickeya is not fully understood, but is carried on the potato seed itself.

The crop consultant thought the disease might be spreading low-lying areas due to water pooling and runoff issues. AgVue also took visual spectrum (RBG) and multispectral images to show crop health and also provided a surface contour map to show the field terrain.

The disease can be prominently seen on both left and right sides of the NDVI image below. The information on the NDVI image, combined with the information on the surface contour map seems to show the growth and spread of the disease is accelerated in the low lying area where water runoff tends to pool. Re-grading the field or adding terraces to reduce the water pooling and runoff might help to reduce the impact and spread of the disease.