Vineyard Health Check

  • By AgVue Technologies
  • November 18, 2016

AgVue was contacted to image a Pennsylvania vineyard to evaluate the overall health of their high-value crop.

Missions were flown over all fields taking RGB and multispectral images. Two images are shown below – the RGB mosaic and NDVI image resulting from the multispectral mosaic. Several areas are highlighted that might imply decreased vigor, but working closely with the grower, the AgVue agronomy team was able to identify several areas of actual concern.

The area marked “A”, may appear to show low crop health, but the grower explained the plants are young and small, with smaller canopies. Zooming in on the high-resolution image, this becomes quite obvious and the small plants look to be very healthy.

The area marked “B” also shows what might look like low plant vigor, but was determined this is due to the trellising system used for this variety of grape. The grower has chosen to use a Vertical Shoot Positioned (VSP) system, which keeps the grapes growing vertically, reducing canopy size. So, similar to the young grapes, more soil area shows through, giving the appearance of low crop health.

Area “C” shows reduced plant health that the grower was unaware of from traditional crop scouting techniques. This is an area of actual low plant health and the grower took soil samples to determine the root cause.

This is a good example of how AgVue's team of agronomists work closely with growers to ground-truth areas of concern to determine actual causes of reduced plant health or perceived reduction in plant health.